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So what is there to do and see on Blue Star Programme Kids’ Corner?

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Keep scrolling down to begin your Blue Star Programme Kids’ Corner journey! There’s loads to see and do… 


Blue Star starCouncil of Europe’s Digital Board Game


Europe Matters: A Question of Values

Have fun in meeting challenges as a team, to be discussed while testing your knowledge of democracy and human rights!  Learn all about the shared values of Europe: freedom of expression, a fair system of justice, gender equality, abolition of the death penalty, free elections and diversity/non-discrimination.

Here’s a little video to show a class in the course of a game.


Blue Star starEuropean Commission Kids’ Corner


European Commission Kids’ Corner

This EU website on children’s rights is for children and teenagers like YOU!  Play games, watch cartoons and videos and learn about your rights.  You can also find out who to contact in your country if you feel you are not being treated fairly.  Oli, Ana and their friends will guide you on your way!


Blue Star starEU Bookshop Kids’ Corner

EU Bookshop Kids’ Corner

A collection dedicated to Europe’s younger citizens, using a lighter approach to familiarise them with the values and colours of Europe.


Blue Star starThe Mystery of the Golden Stars


Mystery of the Golden Stars

Hello and welcome to Brussels, capital of Belgium!  This book invites you to tour Brussels discovering what the European Union is, how it works and how it may be relevant to you.  You follow Josh and Ricki and their new friend Maddy as they struggle to solve the Mystery of the Golden Stars.  Good luck!



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Blue Star starBlue Star Programme’s “One A Week”

This week’s One A Week’er is:


To be updated soon…


If you would like to enter a certain element of your work to be the Blue Star Programme’s “One A Week”, please contact us at or submit below:


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Blue Star starThe EU: What’s It All About?

europe map

The EU is a bit like a classroom.  So just like some children in your class like maths and others prefer music, some EU countries have interests that are different to others.  To live together peacefully, everybody must accept everybody else as they are.  Each country lives according to its own traditions, language and culture.  This approach is summed up nicely in the EU’s motto: ‘United in diversity’.

Find out more about the EU and the different countries currently in the Union here.  It’s the best place to start!


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Blue Star star Blue Star Programme Quiz List




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Blue Star starMy European Story

Whether discussing its history, geography, culture or Institutions, Europe has an exciting story to tell!  If any of you wonderful Blue Star programme pupils have learned about something in particular in the programme that has inspired you, why not write about it and submit it to us to be published?  We’d be more than happy to share your stories!

To kick-start this feature, here’s Ryan from the Blue Star programme team, telling his European Story:

Ryan’s European Story: The Christmas Truce

Last summer (2016), I had the fantastic opportunity to go to France to support Ireland at the European Championship with three of my closest friends.  On our first day in Paris, my friends and I took the metro to see the Eiffel Tower and visit the fan park which was set up upon the Champs de Mars.  When we got off the train and appeared into the hustle and bustle of the city for the first time, the statue you see below was the first thing that greeted us.

Photo 11-06-2016, 14 01 15This statue depicts the infamous ‘Christmas Truce’ story from World War 1, showing a German and British soldier shaking hands with a football laid between their feet.  World War 1 was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918.  It was a time of great suffering and peril for the continent, involving two opposing alliances – the Allies and the Central Powers.  The countries of the Allies included Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Montenegro.  The countries of the Central Powers included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The story of the statue is based on events that happened on the Western front  (an area of land stretching from the North Sea to the Swiss frontier with France) during Christmas Eve 1914.

The war was in full swing and as the festive season was upon those in the trenches, many soldiers dropped their weapons, left their bunkers, crossed no-man’s land, shook hands with their enemy, sang carols and played football.  It was a moment of humanity amidst all the horror and the carnage.  This statue was built to commemorate this wonderful story, being all the more poetic to be centre stage at a modern day football tournament between 24 European nations.

So, what do you think?  What do you know about World War 1? Have you ever been to this statue?  Have you ever been to Paris or perhaps visited one of the memorials of the western front?  Discuss with your teacher and let us know what you think:


And if you would like to submit a ‘My European Story’, please do so here:


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Blue Star Programme Update, October Mid-Term 2017

Blue Star Programme Update, October Mid-Term 2017 We are ready to go for Year 7 of the Blue Star Programme! We’re delighted to have you all on board and we’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead!  Thank You For Registration!  This has been a record breaking year in terms of the number of schools participating […]

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Blue Star Update, December 2016

There’s still a short while to register for the Blue Star programme 2016- 2017!  If you are interested, please send us a Registration Form as soon as possible or email us at for more information. To those schools already registered, we hope you are enjoying working on the programme!  From the many Action Plans we […]

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Blue Star Programme 2016-2017 – Registration Now Open

The registration process for the 2016-2017 Blue Star Programme is now open! European Movement Ireland is delighted to confirm that the Blue Star Programme will be running for its sixth year over the 2016-2017 school term and the registration process for interested primary schools across Ireland is now open! Go here to learn more.

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Blue Star Update, April 2016

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Blue Star Update, January 2016

Happy New Year and we hope you had a great Christmas break and are back in the full swing of things. We have seen tremendous work in 2015 and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with in 2016. For each year of the Blue Star programme, we identify a civic society […]

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