Time to test the knowledge of our Blue Star Programme pupils and find out what they have learnt about the 27 EU member states!

This Europe Week, we are putting the challenge to our Blue Star Programme participants to share with us their favourite fact that they have learnt about one of the 27 EU countries. We want to see if we can get at least one fact about each member state, as discovered by our participating pupils!

Pupils can submit their fun fact here:

27 For 27 Challenge: My Fun Fact

Please share your favourite interesting fact that you have learnt about one of the 27 EU member states.
  • Please share your interesting fact about one of the 27 EU member states. Please include what country the fact is about.


If you need some inspiration, you can check out last year’s 27 Fun Facts here…..

27 Facts for 27 Member States Challenge 

  1. Austria– Wiener Schnitzel is a typical Austrian dinner dish and the dessert “Strudel” or “Apfelstrudel” (filled with apple) was created in Austria. True Wiener Schnitzel is the only schnitzel made with veal and is protected as such under Austrian law. 
  2. Belgium – Each year Belgium produces and sells 172000 tonnes of chocolate in more than 2130 chocolate shops!! – A pupil from St. Oliver’s N.S., Killarney 
  3. Bulgaria – There is a place in Bulgaria called the Stone Forest/Stone Desert, near VargaIt is considered the only desert in Bulgaria and one of few found in Europe. – Milltown N.S.
  4. Croatia – The dog breed Dalmatian is native to the Croatian province Dalmatia. – Mihael, 6th Class, Gardiner Street Primary School 
  5. Cyprus – Cyprus is a multi-lingual country. People of the island speak a mix of Greek, Turkish and English. 
  6. Czech Republic – Mushroom hunting is a favourite pastime of the Czech people. In the autumn it is a national passion in the damp forests. They gather every year on St. Václav Day in September and the hunts can be quite competitive. 
  7. Denmark – Lego was invented by a Danish man called Ole Kirk Christiansen in the town of Billund in 1949. 
  8. Estonia – Estonia was the first country in the world to use online voting in 2005. 
  9. Finland – There are more saunas than cars in Finland.  
  10. France – Louis XIX was the king of France for only 20 minutes. – Craig Brosnan, 5th Class, St Oliver’s N.S., Killarney 
  11. GermanyLarge German companies include BMW, Adidas, SAP, Mercedes-Benz, Nivea, Audi, Bayer, Volkswagen and Siemens. – Alex Keane, 5th class, Tooreen National School, Co. Mayo 

Also Germany – Ludwig Van Beethoven was a famous German composer. Did you know he’d often dip his head in cold water before composing? – Síofra Forde, 6th class, Tooreen National School, Co. Mayo 

  1. Greece – The Olympic Games originally began in Greece. –2nd & 3rd Class, St. Michael’s Girls N.S., Tipperary
  2. Hungary – Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Budapest was originally made up of two separate cities on opposite sides of the Danube river called Buda and Pest. They came together to become Budapest.  
  3. Ireland – The harp is the national symbol of Ireland. Ireland is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as it’s national symbol. 
  4. Italy – Italy is shaped like a high heeled boot –Conor O’ Mahoney, Third Class, Ireland 

Also Italy – In Ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter married his sister and had 2 children. – Max, 6th Class, Crossabeg N.S, Wexford ; The first piano was created by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy in 1698. – Carolina, 6th Class, Gardiner Street Primary School 

  1. Latvia – Latvia is also known as Lettland, named after the Letts or Lettish people. 
  2. Lithuania – Lithuania doesn’t celebrate Halloween –4th Class, St. Jospeh’s N.S., Louth,
  3. Luxembourg – Even though it’s one of the smallest countries, it is the second richest country in the world and its workers are paid the highest minimum wage in Europe –Harry, St. Oliver’s N.S., Killarney 
  4. Malta – ‘The Azure Window’ was a 28-metre-tall natural arch on the island of Gozo in Malta. The lime stone feature was one of the island’s major tourist attractions until it collapsed in stormy weather on 8 March 2017. – Seán, 3rd Class, St. Thomas’ N.S., Westmeath, 
  5. Netherlands – Vincent Van Gogh was from The Netherlands. Did you know that there were four other Vincent Van Gogh’s? – Cathal Forde, 6th class, Tooreen National School,
  6. Poland – In Poland a parade called ‘The Schuman Parade’ is held in Warsaw every year to celebrate Europe Day. –Nicole Greally, 5th class, Tooreen National School, Co.Mayo. 
  7. Portugal – Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, was the first person to sail the whole way around the world.  
  8. Romania – The currency of Romania is the Romanian Leu. –St. Louis Infant School, Dublin, 2018-19.  
  9. Slovakia – The highest statue of a horse in the world is located in Samorín-Cilistov in Slovakia. It is almost nine metres high.  
  10. Slovenia – The country’s capital city’s (Ljubljana) name translates as “the loved one”. 
  11. Spain – Spain’s national day is the 12th October, Fiesta Nacional de España. – Pierce Keadin, 5th class, Tooreen National School, Co. Mayo
  12. Sweden – Sweden has remained Neutral in all wars since 1814 despite the country’s peaceful nature all Swedes over 19 years still have to complete up to 15 months of military service.  – Diarmuid, 5th class, St Oliver’s School, Killarney, Co Kerry. 
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