What’s Your Plan?!

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Action Plan 2018-2019

Participating Blue Star Programme schools are required to submit a short Action Plan to give European Movement Ireland, as National Coordinator, an idea of the projects and activities your school will be undertaking. More importantly, in the past we have found that the Action Plan proves really helpful for teachers planning their lessons/activities for the year ahead.
  • Action Plan

    Please briefly outline below the ways your school will complete each of the themed sections of the Blue Star Programme 2018-2019. Please list up to 5 examples of projects or work you plan to do under each section. No need to go into enormous detail - we just need a rough idea! You are free to make changes to this plan at any stage during the school year.
  • Europe Day

    Please outline below how your school will celebrate Europe Day and how these celebrations will include the wider school community.
  • Thank you!


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