How to Participate

If you are interested in participating in the Blue Star Programme, there are 4 stages to complete:

  1. Registration
  2. Completion of Blue Star Programme work throughout the school year
  3. Send in Blue Star Programme Report and/or participate in our online quizzes
  4. Awarding of Blue Star Certificates of Achievement and European flag

1. Interested schools must fill in a registration form [registration is now closed] to sign up for the Blue Star Programme. Please get this back to us by post or email by 9 October 2020 (please be aware that there are only limited spaces available in the Blue Star Programme, so spaces may fill up before the deadline)!

2. In order to successfully complete the Blue Star Programme, participating schools must complete all four elements of the Programme (historical, geographical, cultural and creative, and institutional) and hold an event to mark Europe Day (9 May). For more information on what is involved in each of these elements, see here.

The Blue Star Programme will host 4 online quizzes on each of the four elements, to test your pupils’ knowledge! Participation in these quizzes will suffice for completion of the Programme, with full details to be provided to teachers who register with us.

3. The purpose of the Blue Star Programme Report that schools submit when they’ve completed the elements of the Programme is to enable us to see how participating schools covered all four elements of the Blue Star Programme. It also enables us to learn how we might improve the Programme year on year and allows us to read your thoughts and feedback. Please get this Report back to us by email or post by 21 May 2021.

4. Once schools have submitted their Blue Star Programme Report and it is deemed acceptable by the Blue Star Programme National Coordinator, successful schools are awarded Blue Star Programme Certificates of Achievements, signed by the Minister of State for European Affairs, and a European flag.



The Blue Star Programme is extremely conscious of the current situation with the pandemic and the challenges facing schools returning in September. We were delighted to see so many participating schools complete Year 9 of the Programme, from mainly working with their pupils at home since March 2020. We have taken the lessons on board from this experience, and we will be once again providing a Programme that is fully flexible, curriculum-friendly, with a greater online element than ever before.

We have plans in place to make the Programme as easy as possible to complete, and we will be more than happy to discuss with schools on an individual basis, how to make completing the Programme as manageable as possible.

So come join us, get in touch, and let’s work together. 💙 

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