The Blue Star Programme Element Quizzes

📚 The Blue Star Programme Element Quizzes will go live in April 2024! Read here for all you need to know before taking part. We hope you enjoy!

  • Each week, there will be two options of the quiz available: a Junior Version (Junior infants – 2nd class) and a Senior Version (3rd class – 6th class). You can choose the quiz level that corresponds to your class.
  • It is up to you, the teachers, to decide how to deliver the quizzes. The quizzes will be available to play online on an interactive platform. They will also be available to download and print as a worksheet. You can participate in the quiz together as a class, or print a copy for each pupil to complete individually.
  • The quizzes are all about taking part, learning and having fun along the way! Therefore, you can decide whether you want to set the quizzes as a research assignment and allow pupils to use books/the internet to find the answers when completing them, or whether you would prefer it to be a test of the pupils’ knowledge. We trust that teachers know which method would best suit their class.
  • All questions will have multiple choice answers.
  • All quizzes will be available in both English and Irish.

Remember: participation in all 4 quizzes will serve as completion of the Blue Star Programme 2021-2022! However, even if you take part in all 4 element quizzes, we would still love if you were able to send us a short Blue Star Programme Report in May so that we can see and celebrate the work you and your pupils have done throughout the academic year!

📚 Preparing for the quizzes:

  • The quizzes will be based on the four key learning pillars of the Programme. Besides completing their normal Blue Star Programme work, we don’t expect pupils to do any additional study in advance of the quizzes.
  • All questions will have multiple choice answers – so pupils will have the opportunity to work the answers out as they go along. We hope it will be an enjoyable learning experience.
  • Remember, the answers to the quizzes will not be graded by us – it’s all about taking part, learning and having fun!

For more information on what is involved in each of the four elements of the Programme, see here.



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